“Why Are White Men So Fragile?” she asks, but the question mark is a cynical device. Typical feminist ploy.

There are some nuggets of cold, hard truth in this video, but don’t let it fool you.

The recognition of said truths is not utilized empathetically or constructively. Rather, the shrew who created this video, “Why Are White Men So Fragile?” is using the medium as a smug attack vehicle to pound the psyches of 21st Century man deeper into the dirt.  Behind her reasoned litany, there is an aggressive malevolence oozing from her not-aging-so-well face.



The recognition of said dystopian social evolution that has led us to 2018 only emboldens her arrogant complacency.

Many truths in this video describing the state of Man, but enmeshed in a big gooey slop of feminist, dyke cringe pie.



And of course, the simpering male voice is a necessary inclusion into such feminist drivel. In this case, Michael Kimmel, a “masculinity expert,” whatever that is.  Looks like a faggot.


Michael Kimmel, ultimate expert on masculinity


If this is what passes for a masculinity sage today, we don’t need the video to tell us what we know already…

Ultimately, the message we are left is that “everyone prospers when everyone is equal” which is utter garbage because human social structure is built upon zero sum architecture.  We can’t all prosper independently of others.  Women prosper, men don’t.

From the video, a screenshot of men, or what passes as such…make of it what you will.