North Carolina sentences inmate to self-inflicted capital punishment. You listening, Florida?


How absolutely fucking ludicrous is this??


About 600 miles north of Broward County, where that nebulous line between criminal and police is nearly indistinguishable, North Carolina exerts its own brand of punitive justice without lifting a finger or pulling a lever, literally.




David A. Woods, single-handedly completing the crime-punishment cycle.




An inmate serving a life sentence for murder died in an accident after stealing a city truck while on outdoor work detail in North Carolina on Monday.


The North Carolina Department of Public Safety said David A. Woods stole a truck belonging to the City of Lowell and was reported missing at 12:50 p.m. The truck later crashed alongside Interstate 85 in Gaston County, flipping multiple times along the side of the road and landing in a ditch, Charlotte ABC affiliate WSOC reported. Woods was killed in the accident.


“I seen that truck just going in the air and just flipping over, over, and over and going into this ravine right there,” eyewitness Ruth Varney told WSOC. “And then after that I’d seen a bunch of smoke and dirt and everything. It was pretty devastating.”



Woods was serving a life sentence after being convicted of second-degree murder in May 1995, according to the Department of Public Safety.




I commend Mr. Woods for is exemplary consideration of the taxpayer’s burden and righteously taking matters (and the needle) into his own hands.