Emma and the gratuitous self-absorption of today’s youth.


Today’s old failed leftists are going balls out in setting the temporal stage for their progeny to continue the tradition of spewing their self-righteous political agenda.  The left-wing is erecting an edifice of liberal inheritance for future generations to contend with.  Perhaps having accepted that a leftward Utopia is out of a lifespan’s reach, they have set their jaundiced sights on future generational unfolding.


It’s been all over the news in the wake of last week’s Florida school shooting.  In a frenzy of naive retribution, children are joining the SJW herd and exhorting liberal effusions of self-conscious victimhood.  The future is being groomed by proper liberal society and the mass media.


And it is left-wing and sappy and timid as shit.  And the new generations, having lost sight of the tribulations of a fiercer,  harsher society which tested the mettle of man, now default to a soft, lukewarm vision of how the world should run and how society should retire blandly into a collective net of cultural inauspiciousness.


The world is over for us older folks.  Archaic roots of tradition are being trampled by the folly of youth.


It’s OK…we should be long gone by the time the lights are out…