So who were the 2nd and 3rd gun-“men?” (**edited**)



A commenter rightly pointed out that my 2nd link (the NSA shooting) was a bit “outdated”…as in 3 years old.  This is the correct link to the NSA shooting which I should have alluded to.


NSA shooting, February 14, 2018.


And the correct photo.


I can’t easily delete the old, incorrect link as that would change the entire nature of this post.


You lose some…








Amid all the carnage in Broward County at 2:30pm EDT and the absolute glut of news coverage and confusion, about 1,000 miles north of, and 7 hours earlier, 2 men dressed in women’s clothes were up to something at Fort Meade’s NSA headquarters.



Broward County, 2pm





Fort Meade, 7am


Who were the 2nd and 3rd gun-he-she’s?