Today’s Spaz Paradigm…killing stoicism with a frenzy of chaos.


Perhaps it’s a function of where I live. In fact, I’m positive that has everything to do with it.


Dense, urban shitholes like the Los Angeles/Orange County metropolitan area is teeming with Spazzes.


Spazzes abound here. There is a mentality component to the Spaz that is endemic to big city living. Too many people with too many ambitions with too much ego feed the Spaz mentality like fuel feeds fire. They can be spotted everywhere in Los Angeles. Many times it’s not that you “spot” one, but their frantic, hyper-accelerated existence abuts or collides with yours. In the supermarket, on the street, in the hallways; you, as a rare non-Spaz specimen in the big city, might be walking along, minding your own serene business when one of the multitude of Spazzes darts in front of you with their shopping cart or their automobile or blindly with phone screen in hand. It’s a clash of Spaz and serene. Oil and water.


I, the outcast, dodo bird of stoicism in this vast concrete jungle of consumerist affectations and status whoring and racing deadlines, must immure myself to the madness of people I coexist with from sunrise to sunset. I am not perfect. I cannot pretend it, even. I am better, I am improving, but occasionally I succumb to ego, to extrinsic frustrations and I become angry at the sporadic Spaz whose madness happened to intersect with my life at just the wrong time. I get mad, I cuss, I honk, I roll my eyes, sometimes I even say something or make a noisy gesture which conveys my anger. But in general I am a man of peace and equanimity. I walk through this world while maximally affecting little involvement or influence. I am not perfect but I am calmer than about 90% of the people that I encounter in this city.



The Spaz mentality is an appendage of self-importance and rash helplessness. By implication, the Spaz mentality is feminine and weak.  Because women are “empowered” in modern society, the blueprint of “strength” is diagrammed as a frantic, exhilarated sense of exaggerated boldness. This mentality, which in the distant masculine past might have been met with amusement and annoyance, is now the standard behavior against which all imposed appraisals are formed. If you exude Spaz in today’s culture, you are perceived as strong, involved, vital and intelligent. However, if you demur to stoic quietude, you are a slacker. You are dense and most likely an unmotivated moron. The Spaz Paradigm paints the modern world of striving and attaining, so if you are not prepared to Spaz, you must be prepared to be cast aside, forgotten and disregarded. You may be smarter and wiser than any Spaz in the room (in fact, you probably are), but the appearance of stoicism in such a tense, high-pitched environment is to be drowned out and belittled. Stoic masculinity has no space reserved for itself in today’s environment of feminine Spazness.


And just as masculinity has been eschewed by today’s Western culture, stoic serenity is not allowed to exist as a vital option.