On Wakanda and the magnanimous xenophilia of White culture around the world.


It is frequently the case that a group’s loftiest, most amenable traits are also those which lead said group down a path of self-destruction. In a vastly diversified society where groups cannot be counted on to greatly concern themselves for the welfare of other groups, there exists an innate combative dynamic, and qualities of one group which would be honorable and rewarded in a more homogeneous society, are roundly thrashed and exploited by others which place their self-interests above the exotic altruism of more cooperative groups.  Frequently, those ideals which allow a group to rise above the sea of human refuse simply hasten its demise or obsolescence.


Virtue is weakness.


Now in the year 2018, it’s apparent that White American culture, and its magnanimous xenophilia, has sunk to a level of self-destruction which threatens to rip apart the seams of the American experiment.


Nothing embodies this descent into racial perdition than the absolutely fetishistic levels of attention and adoration given the greatest modern vehicle of willful racial ignorance: Marvel’s Black Panther movie. Yes…it’s just a movie, but it is so much more.  It is a symptom of  White culture’s obsession with sanctification of the “other.”


Just a movie.  But listen to this blather by Isaac Bailey on CNN (granted, Bailey is not White, but CNN, a mass-appeal outlet catering to the whims of American Whites, proudly hoists the narrative on its site). By proxy, Bailey’s editorializing is that which mainstream White Americans lasciviously lap up in the name of racial harmony.



Black Panther is for film what Barack Obama was for the presidency



For a few hours starting next weekend, black America will exhale, something it has not done since the Republican Party chose as its presidential nominee a man who rose to national political prominence on open bigotry and 58% of white voters made him President.


For a few hours, it will be a veritable black American holiday, a kind of revival in the middle of Black History Month and the second year of the Donald Trump era.


For a few hours, all shades of black people, African and African-American, will be able to see themselves become the center of the most influential image-making industry on the planet. Slavery and racism will be neither soft-pedaled nor portrayed as the totality of the black experience.







Just a movie, or a paradigm shift?


I’m amazed, as a non-White, how far White people have allowed their grand cultural experiment to tumble into a state of monolithic disrepair. The White fixation with global egalitarianism, and the practice of importing it to America’s shores, astounds me. Not only do White’s import global dysfunction here; they perpetuate said “shithole” mentalities by social programming that romanticizes the sordid dynamic endemic to Third World chaos. Similarly to how I would term an alcoholic’s chronic abuse of liquor a form of slow “suicide,” I would also term White’s fantastical allowance of sublimation of their own culture to others a form of slow racial “suicide.”


Say what you will about Mexican culture, what with its violent, low-trust nihilistic tendency to amble along shakily at a barely containable deconstructed rumble;  at least its form of collective suicide tends toward the intrinsic, not the extrinsic.