Michael Isikoff, and other yahoo’s, prove to be Federal minions. What The Memo told us.


When a news outbreak as vast and diffuse as yesterday’s intelligence memo enters the public stage, there is natural human difficulty in assembling it into one cohesive, narrative whole. We are presented with stratospheric reams of facts dispersed over a lengthy period of time, each representing its own peculiar branch of commonality to the “main event,” and furthermore, these branches vary in solidity and relevance and must be weighted differently. Half the battle is determining the relevance of these branches so we don’t waste time dissembling a connection that is trivial in the grand scheme of our Master Narrative. Accurately assessing the gravity of each specific data point helps create a holistic understanding of the timeline, which in turn allows for smooth, clear construction of a narrative that is accessible to all, including the general public, which largely does not have the patience and analytical perseverance to compile such a detailed chain of events on its own.


Fusion GPS and the Steele dossier are certainly not unheard of nor do they represent “new” knowledge, but the revelation that government parties knowingly proceeded to initiate FISA surveillance, despite evidentiary shortcomings to justify such secretive operations, as laid out in yesterday’s memo, is the redemption we sought.


I tried, in my own special way, to interpret the import of Fusion GPS and the IC’s malfeasance in regards to its inherited anti-Trump agenda last year:



House Intelligence Committee and Fusion GPS decide to pull the wool over our eyes…behind closed doors,




The RINO bone is connected to the Hillary bone is connected to the Obama bone, and they all are connected to the anti-Trump bone…



Such a groundbreaking, and threatening-to-the-Establishment, unleashing of events and interpretations to the public is, by nature, subject to contortion by all involved parties. Facts and objectivity become soiled with counteracting agendas. If we lose sight of the ball, we risk distraction and confusion;  we end up relying on falsehoods propagated by media stars.  Already the Democratic Panic Machine has instituted a grand damage control course of action as outlined here in the Democratic news outlet, Yahoo.  The new strategy in this post-digital, cyber society, is that all dueling parties congregate around manipulation of the court of public opinion.  Taking a cue from dignified lawyers everywhere, parties with interests to protect and perpetuate, now take their cases to the internet and social media.  They argue that White is Black and they are adept at bleeding the recursive entanglement to levels of confusion humanly impossible to comprehend.  It’s not about winning the argument;  it’s about planting enough doubt that they don’t lose the argument.




Oddly, the MSM is full of yahoo’s in their own right…



One must keep their eye on the ball.


Rather than interpret facts, perhaps we should merely point out interesting, revealing elements and nudge readers in the “right direction” when we, the writers, judge something to be of a highly relevant, perhaps dubious, nature. Once we spot the ball, we should focus on it and join in securing the tenor of the branch that connects it to the Master Narrative.





Forget, for the moment, and for the purposes of illustrating this branch, the legal ramifications of the actions of the intelligence agencies implicated in the memo.


Rather, let’s study the intersection of the supposedly objective news media and governmental agendas. Look at the players, the intersections of their lives with the aims of our corrupt elites.  The greatest gift of Devon Nunes’ memo is its illustration of the news media’s egregious sublimation to the American government and its nefarious methodology.   The most horrific realization?  The media is not merely perpetuating behavior by negligent and willful ignorance.  The media is actively working with the Federal government in order help it accomplish a course of corruption.  This is the end, my friends.


Keep your eye on this ball, for it is the weak journalistic underbelly that betrays the shenanigans of our Federal entities.


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