Deepfake: ultra-sophisticated Photochopping for the masses…


My futile efforts at Photochopping on these pages are renowned for their ineptitude, and if I had a modicum of modesty, and/or shame, I would hang my head in shame and never allow my “work” to see the light of day, much less publish it on this here blog.


But I continue, alas. Not a concern in the world.


I am fond of political Photochopping, but I am one lowly blogger with no spectacular skillsets whatsoever.


I am not AI powered, nor can I approach the realm of AI sophistication, or its superhuman artistic adeptness.


But faster than you can blink an digitally augmented eye, AI’s dazzling infinitely vast plethora of “Photochopping” skills will be everyone’s for the taking.  Let AI do it for you…it learns much faster and thoroughly than your little dwarf brain, moron.




Courtesy deepfake technology, Gal Godot can make an artificial appearance in your bed.