Video of Bijan Ghaisar’s death released, but still, Lib naysayers demand an explanation of what they saw with their own eyes.


Liberalism is simply an occluded sense of reality. Liberals parse shit in a futile reductive manner until surface appearance is meaningless, even when the truth is battering their smug faces.


For instance, Sharon Bulova, Chairman of the Fairfax (Virginia) County Board of Supervisors, plaintively wonders, what happened?






Specifically, what happened, what were the chain of events, which led to the shooting death of Bijan Ghaisar by U.S. Park Police last November.


The events are decipherable.



…Twenty-five-year-old Bijan Ghaisar of McLean died in November after he was shot by U.S. Park Police. Authorities say Ghaisar fled after being involved in a crash on the George Washington Parkway.

Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler said Wednesday he released the video Wednesday in an effort at transparency.



Upon watching this video of the events leading to Ghaisar’s shooting, one sees that there is little left to interpretation. In fact, it begs common sense to presume otherwise.  But Bulova, liberal henpecker, does.



To answer her head-in-the-sand conjecture:


Ghaisar feld an accident and failed to stop for the police. Strike 1. The instant you run from the police, especially with a “crime” under your belt, you are guilty of the lightest form of assault. You are putting your life (of least concern), the lives of others, and the lives of the pursuing officers, in danger.


On two occasions, Ghaisar sped off after police approached his stopped car. Strike 2. This is a more immediate form of assault. Your car represents 2 tons of deadly force.  If a police officer is able to put his hands on your car and you step on the gas, you are figuratively pulling the “trigger.” Ghaisar deserved to be shot during the first 2 encounters, but the police still displayed restraint.


Ghaisar, stopped for a 3rd time, was approached by Park Police again. He was cornered but he persisted in trying to drive off, even with the police fully surrounding his car. Strike 3. If you have nowhere to go, and everyone knows it, and you still choose to “go,” the implication is that you have no concern for the human barrier. Direct assault, bang, you dead.



This, Ms. Bulova, is what happened.


I agree that citizens deserve some transparency in the realm of police action, especially that which results in the death of civilians, but in this case, it’s in front of us.  Everything we need to know is in the video, right before our eyes. All the hearings and testimonies in the world won’t alter reality, but that’s what Liberals do, isn’t it?



Bijan Ghaisar