Pedo quasi-incest punking.


All I can say is Ew.


All I can bring myself to say after downloading this Youtube video and reading the Daily Mail story, along with the ensuing realization that said practice of depraved pranks are nothing “new”…Super Ew.


In the most current example of this dubious activity, high school winter sports team captains in Minnesota were blindfolded during a pep rally.  The rest is history.




They were told to expect a kiss from a ‘special someone’.


But the joke was on teenagers at Rosemount High School when the mystery lip locks they suspected came from their classmates… were actually from their parents.



A KARE-TV report says the prank for last week’s assembly was planned by the staff.
The winter-sport team captains were blindfolded as their mothers and fathers approached. A video posted on YouTube shows some of the kisses lasting several seconds.


One parent-child pair even moves to the gym floor, rolling around on top of one another.


In another moment of inappropriate passion, a mother moves her son‘s hand south so far he appears to grab her rear.


After the make out sessions end, the students are asked to guess whose lips met theirs.



The school’s principal, John Wollersheim, ultimately takes “responsibility” for the cringe-worthy prank.







…John Wollersheim says as the school principal he owes an apology to everyone who was offended by the incestual display.




Isn’t the inbred horse too far from the barn by this point? Is that apology born of remorse or good-old fashioned perverted ass-covering?




I can’t help but wonder if there exists a perversely vicarious enjoyment that twinkles deeply in the hearts of some of the perpetrators of such a bizarre ceremony of derangement. Who the hell would enjoy organizing such a horrible surprise for these young hormonal adults?


There is that nebulous zone of child abuse that lingers under the vigilant eyes of protective society;  a zone, gray and cosmetically innocuous, which fails to attract attention and provides safe harbor for those capable of deeper and darker malfeasance who wish to partake in their depravity under the open lens society.  Such depravity hides behind humor and innocent trickery and play.