Away from the windows…


Today, shortly after lunch, there was commotion and rustling in the hallways at work.


People running around like children. Yapping and going on about a rainbow. There was a rainbow and the news spread over the floor of Hollywood adults like a raging wildfire.


A Rainbow! Visible from the kitchen, madness cascaded through the crowd of workers who should have been doing something productive (ie, work) rather than flailing around like children spellbound by the latest dirge of insanity.


It’s been stormy here and this afternoon was the first moment when the sun peaked out in about day. In confluence with the rainy atmosphere, we were in for a treat.  A perfect storm of meteorological prism-atic wonder.


A rainbow. A motherfucking rainbow.

People swarmed the office windows, the kitchen specifically. I worked, a little, refrained, then went to the restroom and visited another floor to drop off paperwork. Away from the windows, far from them as possible.  I don’t do windows lightly.


My officemate flew to her obese feet and said, “I might as well go see.”


Before she left the office, I hollered, “If you see a flying unicorn, call me and maybe I’ll come look.”


Otherwise, I am not upsetting my day for a shitty rainbow. What are these people, children? The adult world is peppered with stillborn mental dwarfs mesmerized by inanity and trivial diversions.




Assuredly not Hollywood