Hipstergeddon screeching.


I devoted most of my vacation day to cleaning up my computer files and directories. Not exactly the most scintillating way to spend a day off for most normie types, but I had a great time.  Would do again.


I found this old photo I took at the FYF festival here in Los Angeles in September, 2012. There was a large brush fire burning in the mountains (it was dry, arid hell-season here) and the ensuing smoke eruption which hanged lazily in the sky looked ominous, even apocalyptic. This particular photo contrasted a wimpy-looking hipster attendee quizzically studying the scene. Well-timed visual dichotomy, I felt. The photo has lingered around my hard drives for the last 5 years and I thought to convert it to a meme today.


Not all days off go to waste, and I bring you…hipstergeddon.