Star Wars is ass


I’ll confess: I saw (was dragged to) this steaming pile of celluloid (it’s fun to still say that) shit.  I saw it last Sunday but have refrained from writing about it until now.  The movie is not worth my time…or the time it takes to write this!


I don’t like the Star Wars franchise. Never have. In 1977, barely a teen, I saw the “first” Star Wars and kind of dug it in that barely-pubescent nerd way you like things that suck. Still, I didn’t read the book and my science fiction tastes tended to run darker and more dystopic. I preferred my sci-fi heavy on the science and light on the human drama. I always felt that science fiction did human interactions poorly owing to its predominant audience, and content creators. Give me a Harlan Ellison story, thank you. Arthur C. Clarke. This is how I rolled in the 70’s sci-fi world.


Star Wars was mundane heroism porn.  Beginning in the late 70’s, it now had a grand Hollywood vehicle to showcase its mindless space opera narratives. It was trite, repetitive and unimaginative. It was absolute drivel.  Fantasy garbage and the big Hollywood script trash compactor was never at a loss for more Star Wars-tainted refuse by which to create a cinematic fuss that the audiences would flock to. I thought of the Star Wars audience as simple, non-discerning sheep, bleating on about stupid talking robots and delighting in that aggravating “comedic” tone that the movie series never relinquished like your old grandfather never surrenders his tired jokes.


See, on the science fiction level, the Star Wars movies were barely tolerable. You humored them like you would the retarded classmate who happened to weigh 200 pounds and had the brute strength of a silverback. You looked the other way as the cinematic travesty garnered more popularity and rave reviews. It was stupid shit entertainment that I wanted nothing to do with, but hey. No one was getting hurt in the process, so big deal. Off my radar.


But now, Star Wars’ vapidity has become a niggling nuisance that is inescapable and constantly present.


What was once an overdose of fluff, cotton candy entertainment is now a commanding social justice vehicle. The Hollywood “types” have wrangled it in as a communal display and pulpit whereby they incessantly espouse the virtues of diversity and one-worldism. They couldn’t let the mindless just lie. They needed to infuse Star Wars with a leftist undercurrent of liberal virtue signaling in order to brainwash new generations of non-thinking sheep into the Way of the Left.


Lastly, I presume Star Wars takes place many, many years in the future. The world of Star Wars is obviously the embodiment of the unfolding liberal narrative that celebrates diversity and co-existence among species and races, even. With that many ensuing generations  under its timeline belt, how did the characters manage to hold on to their pure racial phenotype despite hundreds, thousands of years, of celebrated interbreeding?





By the time the empire strikes, in the year 20-whatever, these two present-day racial specimens should look more like this, along with the rest of the human population, presumably.