I’m dreaming of a [any color but White] Christmas…the Left rakes its petty claws across another tradition.


What will be left after the Leftist Purge? A brave new world of unprecedented, virgin foolishness. A sterile world, immaculately scrubbed of offense, but despite the cleanliness, untouched by the hideous revulsion of the color white.


One by one, traditional motifs tumble, the great liberal putsch enabled by the elitist information gatekeepers.


Even Bing Crosby is wrecked.



Some college students agree radio stations should stop playing “White Christmas,” because the holiday classic is said to be “a racially-charged micro-aggression.”
Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph asked students on a college campus to sign a petition against the song “because the song only focuses on ‘White’ Christmases.”


Joseph asks, “We think that the song ‘White Christmas’ is insulting to people of color because it says snow is white and therefore it is good.”


Apparently, if this collegiate proposal gathers momentum of legitimacy, we can thus infer that snow is racist.


If I piss on snow, does that remain racist?