The path to Manhood: pick your battles.


This fucking life, this fucking world.


Our daily lives are populated by idiots and opinionated dolts and they all have their own smug, self-righteous agendas which invariably clash with ours.


Tension and disagreement are innate human characteristics. Fights lasciviously wait for us to set afire every moment of the cluttered day. In fact, I would say that fights and tensions are so easy to become embroiled in, that it is the measure of a man to avoid most because they are largely trivial and mundane and not worth squandering your time or mental energy over.


You are a man and a man is discerning on many levels. One of the levels is knowing when to fight, and more importantly, when not to. This is the true measure of a man. Any weak, sensitive, hyper-touchy guy can be drawn into an argument. Big fucking deal.  Today’s pop culture-fed female considers it a sign of “strength” to speak one’s mind and argue every single point perceived as rooted in disagreement, but this is weakness. One does not need to express anger incessantly throughout the day like some disagreeable puppet.  There are enough battles tempting and beckoning in this modern life; each potential conflict is just another emotional bitch waiting to get the best of you, the Man. Niggling arguments are best ignored, for winning and participating in such stupidity is not beneficial to your gravity or emotional strength. They are the junk food of emotive haggling and are best left to shrill cunts who sit in circles on reality shows and talk shit about the other cunts. A Man does not quibble.






Strength is not about knowing when a battle is trivial; the strength is resisting the sugar-coated immersion into such immature, weak stupidity. A Man picks his battles.  He recognizes when an argument cannot be ignored. At such a juncture, the Man dives into battle for it requires his staid presence and bold refutation. Only by minimally participating in the emotional, argumentative quackery, will a man’s gravity grow. In resisting the lure of cheap tensions and hyper-emotional drunkenness, many other stoic behaviors are called upon which further a Man’s emotional and intellectual strength. Patience, equanimity, individuality…skills that must be sharpened and exercised in the quest to sagely pick the important battles in life.


Tension and disharmony are a cheap drug in today’s world of cyber-communication. The globe congregates in the span of a few liquid crystallized inches and the bitching chambers calls us like a siren. The world is more rife with antagonistic temptation than ever.


Be a Man, choose your path, and eschew petty sublimation to emotion.