Sarah Silverman and the Cult of the Jewish Smirk.


Whiny Libtard celebrities are dime a dozen; they are one large amorphous blob of vapid virtue signaling and [fill-in-the-blank]-shaming. And when they use Twitter to spew, their reprehensibility exponentially bursts the seams of my patience. But there is one celebritard who gets under my skin more than most: Sarah Silverman. What is it about this ranting cunt that irks me so much when there are so many other celebritards issuing from the great collective left-wing entertainment anus to choose from? My theory is that Sarah Silverman’s liberal inanity bothers me most because I find her extremely sexy. I’ve always liked her type of physiognomy in women. The problem is, her appeal lassos me in like a sucker, but then I’m left to contend with the political baggage that accompanies. It always comes around to pound my starry eyes into submission.





Granted, she’s not to everyone’s taste; but she is to mine. But she is so stereotypical and my fantasy becomes a blue-balled descent into repugnance.


And the latest from the blabbering leftism of this fuck-her-leave-her wench comes courtesy of her pathetic Hulu talkshow, I Love You America. Proving once and for all that liberal comedians are at the very bottom of the dung heap when it comes to comic effect, Silverman and her guest cannot contain themselves.


In a November 16 episode with Christian Picciolini, a former neo-Nazi turned peace advocate, Silverman asks what Picciolini hears when “the leaders of our nation speaking.”


To which the “reformed” Nazi preaches:







Perhaps for some, Picciolini’s assertion is accurate, but for many, like myself, “globalism” and “the liberal media” simply are what they are. Jewish influence, predominantly represented, is not the primary unspoken inference. If I wanted to say “Jewish media,” I would. Picciolini, with the willing, eager complicit stage Silverman provides, aggressively implies that President Trump’s barbs are of the “anti-Jewish dog whistle” variety, but this is groundless conjecture. It is an old female (aka, liberal) ploy that bells must be rung and the damage bared; any arguments in refutation sound defensive by nature and thus, fail to create mindspace.


This is Liberal Debating Methods, 101.


Since Picciolini’s transition to the dark left side, he appears to have perfected one trait characteristic of his new team: the Smirk. It probably made Sarah’s panties wet, so disgustingly smug was his at the very end of the clip.