Fat doesn’t need a reason, bitch.


This bitch.



The fries made me do it




This fatass, vulgar bitch.


Must weigh 250 and eats shitty breakfasts most days. A while back she started waltzing in with McDonald’s bags quite often, the lethal(est) destroyer of our cultural physique.


Always that bag of McDonalds and a cup of their special brew of “McCoffee” since that was one remaining obesity missile this fast “food” chain was not about to miss out on.


And as with all fat people, the promise of impending high-caloric, greasy food (such as that greasy McBomb lurking in the heavy Golden Arched bag) makes her happy and adds a spring to her step. She waltzes in happily, glutton saliva bubbling from that fat mouth in anticipation of this garbage called “breakfast.” The scintillation of a thousand calories beams in her adipose occluded eyes and she laughs and speaks as loudly as her fat rolls will physically tolerate, which is quite loud.


She eyes the bag and waits anxiously for the moment she can sing and spring into masticating action.


This sow always makes some stupid “excuse” for McDonalds, as if I really care.


“I needed to get some coffee.”


“I was running late.”


And yesterday, a new one.


“You know those circulars they send for McDonalds, the ones they leave in your door? I got this great one for a free sandwich, so I had to stop!”


Dude, I do not give a shit. Just eat up, for this is the basis of your miserable, obese existence.


Fat doesn’t need a reason. McDonalds is ass and to pretend otherwise is to be self-abusive. Eat and shut up.


Fast doesn’t need a reason, bitch.