Who do atheists hate?


I’m an atheist.  A life-long atheist.  One of my first political immersions in the online world was through the internet atheist community, but I rapidly fled that “neighborhood.” I could not hang with the mentality of most of the people there, so I bailed as soon as I could.


Most atheists, especially the younger ones, are Leftist hacks.  They are self-absorbed whiners who want to blanket the world with their lazy black/white duality.  They imprint their fury and hatred and rebelliousness onto religion rather than approach the discussion in a thoughtful and objective manner.  The atheist community which I discovered on the internet was too liberal and immature;  atheism is a personal belief that I approach academically rather than politically. For most of the online atheists I encountered, it seems atheism is not so much about philosophy as it is about flouting convention and tradition in order to create a smug gap between themselves and the older generations. One senses their inflammatory anti-religious vitriol seeks to destroy church buildings rather than question the dogmatic institution that religion represents for mankind. This is apparent when you witness their utter lack of open-mindedness (or graciousness) any time the subject of religion arises.






Whatever Devin Kelley’s antifa connections prove to be (or not), I feel very confident in asserting that he was the stereotypical Left-wing harebrained absolutist who was anti-tradition more than anti-dogma. With a deadly twist.


And ultimately, the result was our tragedy. This was a terrorist, “hate” crime, if we insist on attaching pat labels to what we don’t understand.