Stay tuned for a very freaky Halloween week culminating on November 4….


In the spirit of full, spooky disclosure.


Stay tuned for a freaky Halloween week.







Trump Tells State Department to Release All Remaining Hillary Clinton Emails ASAP


As previously reported, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Monday morning that the Tillerson State Department is sitting on 76,000 Clinton docs that weren’t supposed to be released until the year 2020.


The State Department also recently admitted it discovered 2,800 Huma Abedin docs on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Tom Fitton said of his experience in dealing with emails on Weiner’s laptop that the documents most likely contain classified information.



Among many scintillations, the most arousing:


* Trump orders release of all Clinton emails

* Mueller’s mysterious indictments

* Antifas planned day of unrest