The Left’s Paddock narrative struggles to break out…


According to New York’s paragon of journalistic integrity, New York Post, Stephen Paddock’s original “plans,” if not thwarted by fate, might have resulted in quite a different narrative, to say the least.



Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock may have had another target in mind.


Last weekend, he tried to rent a room overlooking a music festival a few miles away from the scene of his carnage Sunday, a law-enforcement source told The Post.


But Paddock couldn’t get a room that looked out onto the Life is Beautiful Festival, headlined by Chance the Rapper and Lorde and held in Sin City Sept. 22-24, the source said.


That festival was held several miles north of the Route 91 music festival that the cowardly Paddock sprayed with bullets from a 32nd-floor suite in the Mandalay Bay casino on Sunday.



This is truly a bizarro alternative reality that would have fed the racialist Left spoonfuls of its favorite morsel: victimization.


If Paddock had shot up this concert festival, the resounding Liberal uproar would have been deafening. We might have seen BLM riots in St. Louis and infantile antifa meltdowns in Berkeley. Life is Beautiful is assuredly more appealing to the Left and SJW set, and it would have played well into the Leftist dialog. There have been several “developments” (ie, Paddock was a Trump supporter) in the news lately that seem intent upon casting Paddock as a right-wing lunatic instead of a left-wing/Muslim lunatic, owing to his attack on a country music festival.



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