Edith Macias, bottom-feeding parasite and a blemish on my ethnicity.


As a man of Mexican descent, I absolve myself of all responsibility for vermin like this.





Video of University of California, Riverside student Edith Macias stealing fellow student Matthew Vitale’s Trump hat went viral on Thursday and was picked up by Fox News and other right-wing media outlets on Friday.


How Liberal women look in RL when not posing for social media profiles…




On Thursday, Macias shared video of herself stealing Vitale’s hat on Facebook and issued a terroristic threat telling her victim he needs to fear for his life and is “not safe” despite having “the cops and politicians on your side.”




Edith Macias thinks she speaks for the downtrodden and “marginalized,” but she only rants from emotion and ignorance and ulterior benevolence. And she’s an ugly sow, at that.  And on the subject, why are all SJW antifa females ugly, fat and unsexy as hell?   Is there a retributive aspect to their victimization persona?  In creating a pall of “equality” and “virtue,” they seek to level out the world’s playing field so the dim and ugly (like them) can have a chance in some grand Robin Hood-esque gesture?


Smoke and mirrors