Hollywood’s agenda under scrutiny as one of its own is caught co-writing a script with Benjamin Netanyahu.


Well, I’ll just leave these “(((allegations)))” here.


Arnon Milchan, the media mogul and Hollywood producer behind the 1990 hit film Pretty Woman, has been interviewed by Israeli detectives in London over allegations he bribed the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.


Milchan, who has emerged as a key figure in one of a series of police investigations swirling around Netanyahu, was interviewed under caution in the criminal investigation known as Case 1000 for the first time after reports he previously admitted to police he had given Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu gifts, including boxes of cigars, bottles of pink champagne and jewellery.


The Israeli-born Milchan reportedly spoke to police on two previous occasions as well as providing documentary evidence, including receipts, of the gifts given to the Netanyahus.





Milchan is the one you probably don’t recognize…


Bribery implies that something is received in exchange for said “payments.”


What could it be?  The story continues without addressing this curious fact until the end.


What on Earth could the Israeli Prime Minister possibly be receiving of any use from some hot-shot Hollywood producer?  Benjamin Netanyahu is the leader of a beleaguered Middle East country.  What concern does he have with the inconsequential make-believe world of Tinseltown?


Oh, this…?



Netanyahu has also been forced to confront fresh revelations in the so-called Case 2000 scandal, which involves allegations related to his efforts to secure favourable coverage in the Israeli media, after a court ordered the disclosure of the timing of several hundred phone calls Netanyahu made to the then editor of the mass circulation freesheet newspaper Israel Hayom and its owner, the billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.


Critics of Israel Hayom have long suggested it was set up by Adelson – and continued to exist – as a propaganda vehicle for Netanyahu.



Between the Chinese and “Israelis,” it’s clearly obvious Hollywood’s creativity is stifled by a globalist agenda.  The movie industry is becoming a smoldering piece of shit and it’s no wonder that theater receipts are crashing.