Was Hillary’s Presidency insured, ensured, or something in between?


I have little respect for “able-minded” people who can’t distinguish, or take the precious time, to ensure they are spelling some basic words correctly.


One of my many pet peeves is the “insure” vs “ensure” dilemma.  There is nebulous gray area about interchangeability between the two, but at the end of the day, we all know the rule.  It’s common sense and all the autistic chattering in the world doesn’t change a thing.


Insure is this.







It is codified extortion and we are left little choice when confronted by the unimaginable might of business powers. If you insure something, you are paying your own money for the random happenstance that you may need to dip into the service provided by your payment schedule.  You are a widgetized actuarial statistic and if you need to cash in, the firm that is gambling on your uneventful existence as a statistically-allowed justification for your perturbation will adjust its balance sheet. If, on the other hand, you blithely meander along inconsequentially while failing to “require” said firm’s intervention, they have happily accounted for your lack of helplessness and your proffered gift will cover (with space to spare) the unforeseen demands of other customers.


That is what it means to “insure.”


Ensure is quite the antithesis to this. It is not codified, it is not legally erected babble and its enactment depends entirely on your good will and respectful human nature.  “Ensure” depends on trust, a quality quite at odds with insure. In fact, ensure has much more commonality with “entrust” than it does with “insure,” and yet stupid people conflate the two all the time.


It’s not because they choose “insure” for any reason other than they are grammatically ignorant. People don’t mistakenly write insure because they are intending to denote structural extortion, but simply because they never consider “ensure,” an esoteric, rare term. Ensure doesn’t roll off tongues; insure, as a elemental extension of insurance, does.


And if a woman who sought the American Presidency can’t ensure her spelling of such a basic term, what does it say about her?  About where we might have been headed in 2016?







Or perhaps her grasp of said distinction between the two words is drastically more pointed than we care to admit.  In which case…what is the implication of her message to the mysterious “Oscar Flores” and the notoriously cc’d Huma?