A primer on “anonymous” commenting on Social Extinction. (**UPDATED 5.28.18**)

**In keeping with the GDPR requirements, I have updated the Disqus anonymous commenting graphic below – SE, 5.28.18**

I esteem the concept of online anonymity. In such a day and age as ours, an age when technology renders our inner life ineffectual and microscopically minuscule, online anonymity is a treasure to be guarded violently.  If need be.


I laud anonymity. It would be hypocritical if I were to fail to honor the spirit of anonymity for commenters who choose such a fashion to engage the cyber-community. Given the general “focus” and aim of Social Extinction, if I were to rely solely on Facebook, Google and Twitter as conduits by which commenters were allowed to comment on this site, I would be snubbing the spirit of my writings and opinions.


Online anonymity, as golden and precious a gift as the liberty which lifts our sense of American uniqueness, must be protected and perpetuated. As the monopolistic stranglehold which leftist media companies wield grows stronger, thus allowing them to devour freedom of expression and thought, anonymity stands alone as the last remaining trace of unencumbered expression.  Lack of anonymity benefits no one except the elitist powerbrokers who profit at the expense of our private lives which elude their intrusive eyes.


Recently, it was brought to my attention that anonymous posting is not allowed on Social Extinction. It was pointed out the only comment pathways provided by my Disqus commenting system are through the axis of social media companies which are avowedly leftist and corrupt with the spoils of duplicitous governmental tendrils. Even the Disqus system harbors many suspect features.


But anonymous commenting is available on the Disqus commenting platform if one wishes to take advantage of it.  The Disqus function which allows such anonymity is badly designed and structurally ambiguous and I thought it was be useful to reacquaint readers with this function if they are not aware of it already.


By “anonymous,” I refer to the ability leave a comment without referencing accurate or verifiable owner information. You can literally insert a user name of “anonymous” and a random, nonsensical and non-existent email address…pretty much all the anonymity you can hope for in today’s digital environment.


I constructed a guide detailing how to comment as a “guest” in the comments section, a Disqus option which furthermore allows you to use any name and still leave a comment.


This is the graphic I created for this purpose.  I will shortly add the link to my widget column on the right so it will be a permanent fixture of the front page.