Youtube brings us a brave new world of digital tyranny in its Thesis of Oppression.


Popular liberal culture conflates, and has built such conflations into, the collective mentality of today’s mass info consumer where  “hate” and “violence” are concerned.  The two concepts are treated as the same thing, or as if they are both the inevitable procession of behavior.


The unspoken implication is that violence is an outgrowth of hate (or perhaps, vice versa). Yet anyone with a modicum of life experience and common sense realizes this is false. Most people harbor hates and dislikes of something, but usually do not act out on such tendencies.  People generally like to stay out of the evening news.


Violence is not hate. Hate is not violence.


Maturity and pragmatism tells us this is so and I think most lefties understand this deep in their hearts. Yet is behooves their movement, their cancerous agenda, to blur the two, to allow them to occupy the same amorphous quality so they can blanket all behavior they do not like under the umbrella of violence, which, of course, no one would condone under normal circumstances.


There is a risk of tyranny when popular movements distort semantics to such a state that common words lose their historical boundaries. Tyranny is born of distortion of history and this applies to language as well, not just statues or history texts.


Take a look at Youtube’s latest “fair” warning to its users regarding “hate speech.”


In fact, under the heading of Hate Speech, we are thus served notice:







From the opening platitude, “We encourage free speech and try to defend your right to express unpopular points of view,” they abruptly transition into their Thesis of Oppression, “but we don’t permit hate speech.”


And they lay out their tyrannical dichotomy in which two disparate aspects of what they are addressing are folded into a singular concept.  Their predefined paradigm unfolds upon their definition of hate speech. Framing and restricting the argument, they tell us, “Hate speech refers to content that promotes violence against or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes…”


Now this sentence does not belong in a section addressing “hate speech:”



…content that promotes violence against…



In fact, Youtube’s self-important “Policy Center” has other categories where this castigation’s placement would be better suited.






But Youtube doesn’t give a flying shit about you or its users. All it cares about is perpetuating the Leftist, Coastal agenda; and mimicking the dictatorial and prohibitive parroted talking points spouted by the SJW robots that pool in Google’s corporate offices like suffocating sludge.


Youtube seeks to cement its leftist tyranny by manipulating and restricting its gateway. And if you’re on the Right, or express “hatred” of popular liberal cultural motifs, that gate is shrinking. If you’re allowed in, you will be manacled.   One thing is for sure.  You will never be allowed to roam free because to do so is a violent act in the Left’s eyes.