“Caucasian” man might have had a racial outburst in Canberra…but they won’t tell us more.


A male student stood up during a lecture at Australia National University’s campus in Canberra and decided to take a baseball bat to the professor and some fellow students.   And news reports have no qualms about listing the race of the subject.


Police were called to the ANU campus in Canberra on Friday morning after reports a man had attacked people in a classroom in the Copland precinct about 9.15am.


The student, described as an 18-year-old Caucasian man, allegedly stood up from his seat during a class and approached the lecturer with a bat.


Other students intervened, attempting to restrain him, police said. Several were injured in the scuffle. Campus security then arrived and overpowered him until police arrived.


Law enforcement hinted at a vague possibility but would not say more.


Detective Superintendent Ben Cartwright would not be drawn on speculation that the young white man’s violent outburst was racially motivated. But he praised the students’ bravery.


“Incredible bravery on their behalf – I believe one of the students, they’ve actually taken the baseball bat from the student … and run away with it, and returned later and given it to police,” he said.



And the story continues but we are not given an explanation as to why this would possibly be a racial crime.




The student was not known to police or intelligence agencies but police said it was still too early to determine his motivation. There were no religious slogans or outbursts in foreign languages during the attack, officers said.


Australian Capital Territory police had not ruled anything out in attempting to establish the attacker’s motive.


Three women and one man were injured during the attack, police said. Their injuries were not life-threatening but they were taken to hospital.


“They appear to be defensive injuries – we’re believed to have a couple of broken bones, a broken arm, but I’m not sure who has got what injuries,” Cartwright said.




Perhaps Caucasian privilege implies any crime committed by a White person is to be construed as racial in nature?  Just because White…?