Let’s play Antifa Fuck, Marry, Kill!


Here’s a pretty good “on the street” -level video which demonstrates the visceral gobbledygook that issues from Commie Antifas in normal everyday protest group situations.  The video is actually quite entertaining as this brave right-wing soul ventures into the leftist hordes at yesterday’s Boston Free Speech rally.


One thing is quite clear.  Not all Antifa wenches are fat and ugly as I stereotyped in a post the other day.


Nevertheless, there is one constant, regardless of physical or aesthetic appeal. Antifa wenches are, universally, shrill bats.



(Courtesy, Struth Boston)


As I watched the beginning portion of this video, it occurred to me that the three hags presented successively in this morass of ideological cacophony were ideal fodder for one of my favorite online “games.”  You probably know it… “Fuck, Marry, Kill.”  Ultimately when it comes to these Commie sows, the only fate that should await them all best involves helicopter rides or Dodge drag races. But that said, let’s play the game, after all.


Three contestants in this week’s “Antifa Fuck, Marry, Kill” game are:


Antifa Purple.  The prototypical Antifa female specimen. She who compensates for obesity and unattractiveness with unnaturally colored hair.

Antifa Purple



Antifa Bullock.  A rare sexy Antifa female encountered in the wild. The loudest, most entitled self-righteous of the bunch. And hardly Miss Congeniality.

Antifa Bullock




Antifa Ginger. A rare kind-hearted female Antifa spotted in the wild. Probably a reasonable girl who was present at the event because of her overbearing friends and misguided idealism which she has yet to think out through the sands of maturity.




Antifa Ginger




Let the game commence. (but we all know the outcome, don’t we?)


And  the verdict, as if there were any doubts.