An Antifa in Boston rebel signals by manhandling elderly woman holding American flag.


Antifas are rapidly degenerating into a movement of immature nihilists who flaunt their petulance as a self-conscious Rebel Signal.


Sort of like tattoos. Remember when tattoos actually signified your absolute disdain for conformity and individuality?


Or beards.


Or marijuana.


All that was wayward has become the norm.  All sense of overthrow is now a steaming pile of predictable sheepthink which propels pop culture forward like a gently underpowered car.


Antifas are about Rebel Signaling. It’s self-conscious and awkward and lacks stoicism and integrity. They physically harass old women.







Actually, it makes lots of sense.


The modern Left delights in destroying tradition and antiquity, in voiding all traces of memory from our collective mind.  It’s their movements fetish.  They bring statues down, they marginalize virtuous traditionalism by wielding semantic weapons designed to frame all reality within the boundaries of their oppressive code of solipsist ethics. In fact, I would dare to say that the Left, given the power, would exterminate all archaic symbols of tradition, including people, who embody and continue to uphold, such a paradigm. If the Antifa children had the power, they would send everyone who didn’t uphold their bigoted world-view to the cornfield.