“General Hate?” Count me in…


CNN published a revealing graphic, courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center in its inventory of “hate groups” in the United States.


Very revealing is the SPLC’s very own data when contrasted to media coverage of said hate groups in response.


The media’s coverage is obviously disproportional.







If I had time, I would love to create a superimposed graphic which visualizes the amount of media coverage each of these slivers receives. Something tells me that Black separatist hate groups will receive a disproportionate lack of coverage despite the fact they make up about 20% of all gratuitously defined hate groups as only the SLPC is capable of.


Frankly, I want to know more about the 100 “General” hate groups. Seems like a convenient catch-all where certain hate groups can be swept under the rug and the Left/Victimization complex won’t be forced to confront.


General hate is a  fantastic phrase and I would positively consider myself part of that group.
I hate everyone and all things.


I am general hate, personified!