Faggotry off the rails (literally).

This Twitter dude doth protest too much.


The Los Angeles MTA’s Twitter feed is very useful to commuters because it is a tool that allows the transportation system to broadcast outages, delays, train and track breakdowns, etc., to the public.


On some of the MTA’s rails here, this happens more often than not.  Occasionally people use it to ask for assistance or to request police response to unruly and dangerous passengers.


Twitter user, “Stu S,” one of the legions of L.A.’s libtard shamer cultists, used the MTA Twit feed to complain about a passenger who presented no physical danger other than his raucous manspreading and messiness.


And he left the train by the time Stu S sent this Tweet.


Oh well, Stu.  Welcome to the wonderful world of commuting on Los Angeles’s very own ghetto Blue Line.




There is no male, at least one with some  modicum of self-respect, who should ever complain about manspreading or messiness in such a context (other than my weak attempts at humor in alluding to such things on this blog).


That is faggotry at its most elemental level.