Just another Black-Asian encounter in Any Shithole, America.


I have absolutely no idea where this quirky encounter took place.





My guess is the San Francisco area since that is the American city you’re most likely to see unruly ghetto Blacks and bike-riding Asians in shorts crossing paths. But it could be anywhere. Even here, in L.A., though doubtful. The ghetto Blacks here, though occasionally unruly, don’t generally harass non-Blacks. But in Oakland and environs, yes…Blacks are very outwardly focused.


It doesn’t really matter, I guess. Let’s just call this Any Shithole, United States. The kind of place that hardens you and sharpens your survival skills and makes you carry quasi-weapons around on your person at all times, and which you must be willing to flash aggressively at a moment’s notice.





And when you live in Any Shithole, a “moment’s notice” happens with dismaying regularity.