Jeb Bush’s Fantasy video unearthed… Please clap!





Now I have no problem suspending disbelief when there is a good laugh to be had behind the protective screen of farce.


Sometimes the humor is more subdued when the “screen of farce” is not so obvious. Sometimes you’re not sure…the shit might be real!


Was Jeb Bush holding out? If this footage is in fact genuine, he could have helped his Presidential campaign enormously by allowing it to be “publicized.”


This is why I’m not quite biting.  This is a stupid blog, what have I got to lose?   The “Jeb” in this video is too indistinguishable. I call fake until further evidence is provided.  There’s no way Jeb Bush’s security detail would have allowed this.  Amusing, however.



During one of Jeb Bush’s campaign fundraiser events, he was confronted by several members of the Black Lives Matter group, one of which was throwing rocks at
event goers, injuring one woman. Jeb responded by quickly rushing off the stage to tackle the protester before other onlookers could be harmed until the police arrived.
During this conflict, the assailant attempted to break free by biting him, which resulted in Jeb having to deal three blows to their head until they stopped.

This was recorded from one of Jeb Bush’s livestreamed events which was quickly pulled from the channel soon after.