The MSM is an international burden to bear…even the UK is bitter about “Jo-ja.”


In America, as if it isn’t despicable enough a task bearing with the domestic MSM and its stubborn, mindless leftward slant, we also have the international cybernews community to contend with. Especially when the UK is involved, the liberal bias doesn’t dissipate over water. Welcome to the 21st Century internet age without borders.


For instance, get a load of this bitter news lead from the Guardian’s coverage of yesterday’s Georgia House run-off between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel which saw the Republicans victor once again despite the mudslide of “popular consensus” (ie, the MSM narrative which apparently has zero grounding in reality).


Language and semantics are everything in the written press. I’ve pasted the copy and highlighted the hypnotic, coercive verbiage in red.


Semantics are there for those who listen. What do they tell us about the Guardian’s (and all MSM coverage’s) agenda?




Democrats fell short of a special election victory yet again on Tuesday when Jon Ossoff, long the best hope of Democrats to win a special election in the Trump administration, suffered a narrow loss to Republican Karen Handel in the sixth congressional district.


The race was the latest in a series of special elections in Republican seats where Democrats managed to deliver moral victories – rather than actual victories – as they proved unable to notch a major electoral win in the Trump administration.


Sporadic downpours and flash flood warnings helped to put a damper on Democratic turnout in base precincts and on the hopes of progressives to thwart Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Combined with an energized Republican base that kept Ossoff from accumulating a significant lead among early voters, it doomed the hopes of the anti-Trump activists who made the first-time Democratic candidate a minor political celebrity.



The seat had been vacated by Tom Price when the former congressman joined Trump’s cabinet to become secretary of health and human services – a job previously held by Republican stalwarts like Senator Johnny Isakson and former speaker Newt Gingrich. Although Price won by 23% in 2016, Donald Trump only narrowly won this wealthy, well-educated district by just over 1%.







The “educated, anti-Trump” meme is becoming a tiresome rallying cry around which liberals circle like smug lemmings.  Has anyone pondered whether “educated” in 21st Century parlance means jackshit?  Does spending a load of dough on a fancy vocational school confer anything of value to someone’s political opinions?


I tend to think not.