Would Hillary have called John Spencer Moon a “deplorable?”


Hillary couldn’t have summed it up better, and for once, her hollow words might have rung sincere.


Instead, it was police officers who resorted to use of the word to describe the ghastly scene they discovered behind the closed door of an apartment rented by John Spencer Moon in Dallas last Tuesday.


Police called the scene “deplorable.” This word aptly describes what they found, but it would appear there are many other words to be unearthed from the bowels of Hell which might describe the scene of familial “carnage” more pointedly.  And it is carnage that police found when they entered Moon’s apartment where his 5 children existed in a state of absolute inhuman squalor.




A Texas man has been arrested after cops found five malnourished children living in squalor among cockroaches, feces and rotting food in his apartment.

The children were girls ages five, four and three, as well as and boys ages two and one.


Police arrived at Moton’s apartment around 2.20pm in response to a concerned neighbor’s call about a baby that had been crying for a long time…

After opening the door, Moton told police that there were five children in the apartment and that everything was ok. But the cops noticed within seconds that a strong odor of filth and feces emanated from the apartment.

Upon entering the residence, police found the overwhelming stench of rotten food and feces made it difficult to ‘walk through without vomiting’.




John Spencer Moon




In the living room a pit bull was tied to the fireplace, and three kids sat on a couch covered in feces, cops say.


The fifth child was in a crib wearing a soiled diaper.


Cops say the refrigerator was full of rotten food, with nothing edible. Rotten food was also found in rooms throughout the apartment.


Two closets appeared to have been converted into a makeshift playpen and a bed made from blankets covered with rotten food and insects, according to police.


Cockroaches and flies were throughout the property, said cops, who called the situation ‘deplorable.’




Perhaps Hillary Clinton might have spared us her gibberish and cynical verbiage for that which really deserved it, such as the deteriorating social structure liquefying this country’s sense of cohesiveness that this discovery epitomizes.  But that would assume she truly cared for matters beyond her own elitist realm.


Where was the mother?

The family?

The neighbors?


The community?


The welfare state (which was surely manipulated, criminally, in order to foment this abhorrent dynamic)?


Most baffling and disturbing of all: where was John Spencer Moon?