L.A.’s very own Metro authority also does its part to perpetuate The Agenda.


Here in the dazzling world of Los Angeles, The Agenda is everywhere. It runs vibrantly in the veins of the metropolis and if you are not of a similar “ilk,” it is a solitary journey indeed.


Agenda much?






Another weekend, another march here in Los Angeles. The usual large crowds are expected to turn out for the L.A. Pride Festival this weekend and for the Resist March on Sunday.


The Resist March is beginning right outside the Metro Red Line subway’s Hollyw00d/Highland Station. Expect crowds at that station. If you want to avoid those crowds, you can also exit at Hollywood/Vine Station, a .8-mile walk to Hollywood/Highland.




I wonder, hypothetically (as there seem to be very few other manners to realistically consider such scenarios here in California), if the Los Angeles Metro Authority would so graciously, rapaciously, lend equally enthusiastic guidance to a pro-Trump rally in its MTA zone.


I would not hold my breath.


And if you’re looking to show your support for the marching homos, and all tropes perpetuating The Agenda, you can always purchase a special gay rainbow TAP card (the official “currency” of LA’s MTA system).