The 50-yard-Limey-dash; defeating Islam one pint at a time (aka, the West will die with a stupid grin on its face).


This is utter bullshit.


Such distractions trivialize the impending global Islamic anti-civilization putsch and the threat it presents to the West.


Amusing, quasi-inspirational, but completely devoid of the gravity required to overcome today’s battle of cultures. Ironic memes like this play into the hands of the Leftist purveyors of globalism for they reduce life and death battles to trivial games of amusement. Facile amusements like this imprint a false sense of justice on stupid and inappropriate crap that will never mean a thing other that the fact that a man can run with a full glass of beer.


In today’s battle with Islam, we present you the 50-yard-ale-in-hand-dash.






And the winner is…no one.


Western civilization will die with a vacuous grin on its face.





Pearly Queen’s late-night affirmation will win no wars, but sadly, her sentiments are the collective sentiments of a culture that seeks amusement above sacrifice.