The New York Times pushes gender amorphousness; the new gender “equality” designed to help boys.


The NYT published a gender abomination.


Author Claire Cain Miller’s piece, titled “How To Raise A Feminist Son,” is really a blueprint whose purpose it is to blur and mesh the genders further than they have been.  It’s a very timely quasi-pictorial celebrating the refutation of natural gender delineations. Implied continuously in this “well-intentioned” essay is the determination that even though boys face innate unfairness in today’s girl-friendly world, we can make things better for them by treating them like girls as an antidote to the evolutionary blasphemy that has brought us to the point in time where women are treated like men.


And there are some absurd assumptions batted about by Miller, such as the one where she bizarrely claims that “diligence” is a strong female trait. One that boys can stand to integrate into their new feminine roles if we allow them.




That’s because women’s roles can’t expand if men’s don’t, too. But it’s not just about women. Men are falling behind in school and work because we are not raising boys to succeed in the new, pink economy. Skills like cooperation, empathy and diligence — often considered to be feminine — are increasingly valued in modern-day work and school, and jobs that require these skills are the fastest-growing.




Miller gets away with this dubious inference by including it slyly with two other traits that are unmistakably and unarguably feminine: cooperation and empathy. These have nothing to do with diligence. Diligence and perseverance are human traits that span the gender spectrum and I see no reason to label those with any particular gender affiliation.  But Miller’s manipulation is that she states this as fact “before the horse.”



And a lot of Miller’s suggestions are purely hypocritical and delusional.


Under the “speak up when others are intolerant” section, she writes:




Speak up when they’re inappropriate, too. “Boys will be boys” is not an excuse for bad behavior. Expect more of them. “Be vigilant in redirecting conduct which is demeaning, intolerant, disrespectful, offensive,” Mr. King said.




Does this suggest that we must accept female intolerance in all its popular and ubiquitous forms? (Claire, between you and me: no one is more intolerant than a teen-aged girl…it’s simply not the type of intolerance that mangles your PC agenda which is why you ignore it).


Read this travesty and raise your boys exactly the opposite of Miller’s recommendations. Ultimately, the strongest, most masculine men, those who are brought up in a traditional manner unlike the hogwash in this “instruction manual,” are the ones who will lead the way. While you are busy raising your little she-boy, other boys will be allowed to fully express their masculinity, the few, the proud. These men, unhampered by the feminist BS that Miller is fomenting, will lead the way and all other soft boys will fall into the undertow of gender equality.