V.M Varga, “Fargo” fiend and Alt-Right poster boy?


V.M. Varga is a sinister, Luciferian villain ensconced serpentinely in Season 3 of “Fargo.”


At once mysterious, aristocratic, tinged with a clinical and murderous directness, the bulimic and phallic-dipping criminal organization’s CEO (director of operations) is not someone you’d choose to cross paths with in an adversarial context.


And there is something eerily Alt-Right about him. Does he have a blog?


In this audio clip, you can listen to a scene in which he sadistically batters the hapless Minnesota “fixer,” Sy Feltz, with an emotionally laced verbal club, the worst sort.







Sy Feltz



V.M. Varga





One wonders if, following this stark assault on his dignity, Feltz might have wished he’d simply been beaten with a phone book instead.