The rainbow flag as a symbol of racial separatism.


Ah the strange and unpredictables twists of fate and cultural symbolism in today’s rapidly evolving and fluctuating digital age. What was an apple yesterday is an orange today.


The shifting tides of perception, the capricious wanderings of our collective mores and allegiances, bring with them the unanticipated shifting of symbolism and unrecognizable archetypes.


What was a flag for homos is evolving into a “hate symbol” of the alt-right.






The first time I saw this flag in the context of gay rights was in San Francisco during a trip I made there in the mid-1990’s. A gay march was planned for the weekend (not the reason I was there, incidentally, in case anyone gets a wise idea…) and the flag was waving from many windows and balconies throughout the city.


Since then the flag has been synonymous with homos and aggressive gay rights fluttering around obtrusively in your face.


And now, in 2017, fresh off a revolutionary 2016, the flag and bright, bold rainbow palate has been usurped for a radically antithetical symbolism to the queer representation of their faggy agenda in recent times.


The range of colors has been repo’d by the alt right as an idyllic rainbow symbolizing tenants of racial separatism. This has been epitomized in this very popular graphic.






I call it a symbol of racial separatism, but of course pop, mainstream society is lazily content to call it simply a “hate symbol” which allows such types to avoid the task of thinking and considering just what this graphic insinuates.


In addition, also popular is the flaunting of the rainbow symbolism as emblematic of the beauty of racial purity and separatism.





The power of this maneuver lies in amplifying the ostensible aesthetic goals of the peace- and gay-loving Left into a narrative that integrates the separate color bars as visual representation of beauty defined by partition and separation.  Genius.