Redefining “brawn” in our post-evolutionary era.


See, I have no problem whatsoever commemorating the innate emotional strength of some women. Many women, and many men, especially of the older generations, possess an inner strength that was born of economic and military turmoil.


Life was hard and it made for resilient people.  People with “backbone.”






Even in this era of hedonistic modernity and luxurious laziness, there are those whose individual lives call for an inner strength that few of their peers share.


There is this strength.   An “inner” strength, indefinable, immutable stoicism and resilience in the face of adversity, great and small.


Women may possess it; men, as well. It is a character trait, and as such, does not infer physicality.


There is also physical strength which is the sort obviously possessed by very few.  It’s not exactly a stretch of our observational powers to note that physical strength is in the hands of almost exclusively males. Human evolution, through millions of years, has harbored no illusions about who it grants physical strength to.  Evolution has seen no reason to humor or sate the delicate sensibilities that modern, sheltered humans are fond of exhibiting for the sake of communal superficialities and self-conscious virtuosity.


A brand like Brawny paper towels created its reputation, an image, centered around the ideal of masculine strength as a metaphor for the advertised strength of an absorbent paper product that stands to the physical ravages of moisture.


Simple as that.  The image and verbiage for Brawny paper towels is one of physical strength.





But in our post-evolutionary era of facile niceties, it’s not acceptable to acknowledge physical strength purely for what it is and what it symbolizes:   power.


Now we must cloud and blur the concept of strength so as to be all-inclusive so that all permutations of the adjective are assuaged and that the concept of power be neutered.


As an anonymous internet commenter noted somewhere on the electronic frontier:



tfw you live in a world where brands of toilet paper are taking political stances
This world is fucking crazy