The tightrope walker


Anyone else think it’s a trip that I have chosen to devote a whole section of my humble blog to “Non-Judge-Mentality?”

Which I sagely describe as “A series of posts where I judge those who…judge.”

Goes without saying that I come down harshly on those who would judge.

What am I on, crack? Of course people judge.
It’s human nature. Our languages are filled with adjectives, and description is the driving force behind great prose. Inherent in all forms of description is an element of judgement.

For me to sit here and assert that we, as humans, as hierarchically layered creatures, should resist judgmental behavior is a bit delusional. Hell yeah we’re judgmental.

For the purposes of this blog idea, however, I will attempt to redefine the term.

A concrete definition. To judge is to appraise and to opine on mannerisms and actions and behavior and appearance and sound. It is to engage in the most normal of human social interpretation. To judge is to engage our environment and those populating it while attempting to subtly construct a standardized paradigm against which we can rank ourselves and map our own place in this society. It is survival. To lose sense of one’s place in their cultural habitat is to expose themself to a dangerous measure of vulnerability to the motives of others.

We must judge for our own survival.

This is instinctual judging and is different from the ego perversion of itself that I’m driving at. Instinctual judging is a clinical and non-self-absorbed practice of scrutinization. We are unaffected by our realizations and discoveries.

The judgments we cast as members of “advanced” and prideful society, of an intelligent species, is what I want to examine.

Judgment is clouded and deformed when it is masterminded by the ego. To judge is to appraise but the instant you allow your appraisal to undermine your mood, to disrupt your state, to foul the gentle corridors of your soul, you have lapsed into petty judgment.

Our goals are to judge from a safe distance. To judge but to be unaffected; to surrender to the capricious nature of man’s soul. If you cannot accept a man’s actions as anything other than the actions of a flawed person who manifests behaviors rooted in a lifetime of mislearning, you will not accept peace, you will not accept equilibrium. In the absence of peace, you will seek to counter with a wave of angry helplessness and with contrived opinions, ie, judgments. Judgments which serve no other purpose than to comfort your flailing sense of serenity.

Seek the middle road.

Seek is all we are ever capable of.

Like a tightrope walker, we can never barrel through life rashly. Our journey is a precarious and tense march across a narrow stream of time, and the actions of others, the words of others, the flaws and strengths of others, act in unison mimicking the gust of wind which threatens to upset our unsure hold on this rope.

Life, the rope, an unpleasant reminder that despite its unsteady and agonizing hold, still appeals more than the unpleasant truths awaiting us in the precipice below.