And in the end, we wait.


To continue a thought from my earlier comments (always a prerogative of the blogger :) )



And in the end, we wait.






I wonder if there is a reckoning, once that sad time comes and we hang up life for good, for a life badly (or well) lived.


Are we held accountable for our lives by a third-party omnipotent or spiritual force, or even by nature itself (or all of the above)?


Ultimately, there are two types of people in this world. It’s not about religion or dogma or devoutness or new age rubbish.


It’s this:


The people who do believe we will be held to account for our life once we pass on.


And those who believe death is merely a dark, impersonal, objective embrace which does not care or heed that which we did while walking this earth.


I fall into the latter camp. Life’s meaning, life’s ramifications, end with death. But life has meaning while I’m alive and merely because one day it will no longer have meaning does not mean I can shirk my responsibilities to the living, including myself.