In case you were wondering, this is what a faggot lefty douchebag looks like.








The glossy, prickly Democratic fighting machine which wears its leftism like a Chihuahua wears a sombrero, is on a relentless, obsessive mission to make life hell for President Trump and all who dare support him, or support the supporters.


Ironically, this “fighting machine” does not care about ideology or liberalism insofar as such principled loftiness presents impediments to monetary profit and ascendancy of the personal ego.


David Brock, and vermin of his ilk, are tools and fetishists of self-adulation fashioned after the paving of a path toward power and wealth and primal influence. Ideology is cheap.


The Brockian political dogma of the modern Democrat stresses political gimmickry constructed around the ostensible purpose of fueling personal grandiosity and slick marketing campaigns predicated on assemblage of a politico-cultural cult that flocks to the politically correct spectrum of today’s cultural dialog. Their “marketing strategy” is to foment new consumers (voters) through slow inculcation of a cosmetic consumerist/altruist hybrid mentality that is ultimately a masquerade and nothing more. Its power, their power, lies in the fact that the masquerading hordes have no idea they are donning masks that have nothing to do of their own volition; they have purchased an ideology, a costume, which allows them to enter the collective Democratic circle of superficiality which their brand of American politics represents.  The sheep quietly, unknowingly, perpetuate the vapid charade of platitudes disguised as political ideology.



A key participant in the political war by which the Left is currently fighting to delegitimize and ultimately destroy the Trump presidency is a relatively new organization called Shareblue, which grew out of Blue Nation Review (BNR), a pro-Democrat entity that once described Hillary Clinton as “one of the most ethical political leaders in America.” In 2015 David Brock, a former-conservative-turned-leftist, purchased BNR and rebranded it as Shareblue. From the outset, his objective has been to develop Shareblue into a progressive media outlet that speaks directly to grass roots Americans, who are, in Brock’s estimation, “avidly and unabashedly pro-Hillary.”


Shareblue first outlined its major objectives in a 44-page confidential memo that set the agenda for a January 2017 conference at Florida’s luxurious Turnberry Isle resort, where Mr. Brock addressed some 120 wealthy Democratic donors and tried to map out a course of action by which leftists could effectively “kick Donald Trump’s ass” during the next four years. Specifically, the memo indicated that Brock plans to use Shareblue as a forum for “partisan combat” against Trump and his agenda.


Shareblue identifies its top priorities as follows:


“Calling out signs of authoritarianism and kleptocracy”;

“[Providing] nonstop coverage of the influence of Vladimir Putin and Russia on Trump and his administration”;

“Exposing Trump as a weak, thin-skinned ‘loser’ vulnerable to goading”;

“Relentlessly beating the drum that [Trump] has no mandate, lost the popular vote, and is the least popular president-elect in modern American history”;

“Spotlighting the Trump administration’s vast ties to white nationalists and the ways in which they explicitly empower white supremacy”;

“Tracking and fighting back against odious GOP legislation in Congress”;

“[Providing] morale-boosting coverage of the grassroots opposition and resistance efforts outside the beltway”;

“[Providing] positive coverage of Democrats who boldly call out Trump and aggressively work against him [and] hold him accountable”; and

“Fighting outrage fatigue.”




The unhinged hypocrisy and self-delusion spouted by Brock’s for-profit left-wing shell game enterprises is so mind-boggling that one is left to surmise that the organizations are fueled solely by hypnotic marching orders implicit to the persistent cult-like procession of political sheep. It’s one thing to demean and attack your opponents based on quasi-legitimate political antipathy, but to dare a bold supposition that Hillary Clinton is an ethical leader shatters all traces of real world logic.  And the “spell” is broken.


Ultimately, Shareblue’s (and that of all organized anti-Trump movements) strategy is one of entrenchment and assault from the battlefield position of “nothing to lose.”


This strategy is not without its strengths, of course; it’s easy to be the attacker, the offender, on the global political level where the dictates and rules of decorum restrict the type of self-defense that righteousness demands but civility frowns upon. In a real world fight, Donald Trump’s team would have to choice but to respond to the collective affront which attacks him daily with a scorched earth policy of retribution and unapologetic force; in fact, his behavior and temperament hints at such abandon which further elicit’s the left’s hysterical inanities, usually at an accelerated level of stupor and illogic.


And of course, what would a good old-fashioned leftist offensive be without a heaping dose of psychotic hypocrisy?


David Brock and his band of merry political rabble-rousers are the front line of an American arm of a cartel of moneyed international interests who seek to overthrow and disrupt domestic American political governance on a pace far exceeding the imaginary, fantastical myth of a Trump-Russian union.


Donald Trump could only wish Russia supported his domestic American agenda to the extent that the Democratic Left reaps from foreign pocketbooks for its machinations conducted stateside.