The Leftists and their “gateway drug” fixation.


Media Matters published one of those patently alarmist pieces of Liberal-Concern ignorance yesterday. The article is rife with the usual hysteria seen in the days since President Trump assumed power, so there is nothing much new to see here, but a couple of passages caught my attention for they epitomize the sheer lunacy these people sink to when confronted with the new conservative Trump paradigm.


This is what the left’s meltdown is all about. Liberals, spoiled and pacified by 8 years spent suckling Obama’s teat, have finally experienced what it’s like to not be the predominant, guiding political force of the land.


Welcome to the Runner Up Class, bitches. Sucks, doesn’t it?


But rather than standing up strong like men while persisting stoically and maturely, they act like a collective group of spoiled 8-year-old girls. That is the Left for you in 2017.


Case in point from Cristina López G, the author:



Anonymous Message Boards Enable Illegal Activities And Politically Motivated Harassment Every Day


For many men, this misogyny has become a “gateway drug” into the so-called “alt-right,” a self-designated name for a faction of the white nationalist movement. As New York magazine’s Claire Landsbaum wrote, the ideology of men’s rights activists is “leaking into the teachings of … the alt-right.”


Oh, really now.


The Left is fond of using the phrase “gateway drug” as a political metaphor in expressing their abhorrence of the Right. It seems they are so taken with themselves at the cleverness of such snark that they feel the need to center entire sky-is-falling essays around said catchy phrase. Misogyny, however it exists, is a much more subtle and nuanced characteristic that cannot be so crudely dismissed as a gateway drug to bigger and better political affiliations without more peering examination. And this “nefarious” misognyny that rattles the left is merely what many might consider simply looking at gender roles clearly and objectively, traits that have been pummeled soundly with the ascendance of SJW culture and its implicit assertions wherein the “big picture” takes a secondary role to sensitivities and personal expediency.


Also amusing, another misguided arrow slung by López, was this broad accusation:



These sites enable victimization of other individuals on a daily basis — often as part of orchestrated and politically motivated harassment campaigns. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston was the victim of doxxing — the publication of personal information like phone numbers and addresses with the intent of enabling intimidation and harassment…



Lopez disregards the fact that the cyber-Left are equally steeped in the art of doxing. Many of the high-profile doxings are perpetrated by right-wing parties, but the Left partakes in “lower level” doxing quite abundantly, the doxing of not-so-public subjects. I have no problem with López accusing the alt-right or the Chans of doxing. You’d be a fool not to, but the inference here is that doxing is purely the provenance of the Right, a far cry from the truth.


Oh well, ultimately, it doesn’t matter. At least another Liberal got the opportunity to build an essay around the “gateway drug” zinger regardless of general accuracy, and for them, that is all that counts.