Wear the American flag’s colors=you’re evil; wear a representation of genitalia=you’re making an honorable statement. America’s descent accelerates.


How far down the rabbit hole we’ve fallen when we apologize for donning patriotic clothing. I have little hope.


Is Donald Trump a blip or a wave?



When our youth are relegated to meek, simpering apologies for such trifling sensitivities, I can’t help but feel we are living in a blip.



Iowa Students Apologize for Wearing Red, White and Blue to Basketball Game


Students at an Iowa high school have apologized to a neighboring school for wearing red, white and blue to a recent basketball game.


The Valley High School students’ USA-themed attire was seen as offensive because some of the rival school’s players were from refugee families.



Yet we adulate and celebrate women who wear headgear and costumes fashioned after female genitalia.