Tony Shaffer’s courage (or, exposure as insurance).


My first thought after watching this Sean Hannity interview with retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer concerning the Wikileaks “vault 7” data dump on Tuesday, which pointed to vast digital snooping capabilities on the part of US intelligence agencies, was that Mr. Shaffer is an awfully brave man.


The allegations he let slip during the interview appearing below are astounding, but somehow they got a bit lost in the shuffle. Is anyone listening?


A brave man, I ventured.


Surely it does not bode well for your long-term health to accuse the NSA of being the force behind the so-called Russian hack of Hillary’s email server. Furthermore, to allege that American intelligence deliberately “planted” the evidence by forging Russian protocols, the digital fingerprint, if you will, is to accuse the American media and Democratic (and John McCain) politicians of willful and criminal ignorance.







The overt accusation that “it was the Russians” has always struck me as dubious. Would state-sponsored hackers be so ridiculously stupid as to leave residual traces of their origins, especially of the blaring sort that the American media gratuitously reported as incriminating the Russians?


Shaffer says something near the end of the interview that has been self-apparent to anyone with a modicum of knowledge of computer and network systems.


“The evidence is not that the Russians did it; the evidence is that a Russian tool was used.”


A fine distinction.


Yes, a brave man Lt. Colonel Shaffer is.


It seems a rather tiresome, and not restful, chore to sleep with one eye open.


But on second thought, does this truly imply courage on Shaffer’s part? For him to declare such American subterfuge boldly in such a public medium, can we not suspect that perhaps this unrelenting exposure actually affords a measure of safety? After all, Shaffer’s abrupt demise following the national television interview might very well imply malevolent shenanigans at the upper reaches of society, thus affirming the conspiratorial and seditious tentacles of American government and its intelligence services with complicit Democratic shrugging.


It’s better Shaffer told Sean Hannity than if he told that obscure blogger, Socially Extinct.


Exposure is insurance. But did anyone listen?