“Enrichment activities” – a fitting euphemism, as Praline, the gorilla, turns the tables on the crowd.


The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans throws an annual “Soul Fest,” basically, a zoo event for the hood.



Music, food and fun are served in great supply during the annual Soul Fest presented by AARP!


Over 20,000 visitors converge upon the Zoo for one of New Orleans’ biggest celebrations of African American history. The two day family-oriented event features live musical performances by local Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, and Gospel artists at our Capital One Stage!


Visitors can purchase authentic soul food prepared by local restaurants and caterers, and also enjoy the Zoo’s collection of exotic animals! Festival goers have the chance to visit with local health, education and social service organizations and receive valuable wellness and lifestyle information.


Soul Fest is always free with Zoo admission or Audubon membership.



On Sunday, Sylvia Cressy of nearby Harvey, visited the zoo to celebrate day 2 of the 2-day festival.




Sylvia Cressy




Outside the gorilla exhibit, she got a little more soul than she anticipated.


The animal reportedly launched an object into a crowd of spectators, hitting and injuring a pregnant woman, sending her to the hospital.


There are three gorillas at the zoo, a male and two females. Sylvia Cressy said “Praline,” the larger of the two females, threw a block of wood at her during the zoo’s Soul Festival, Sunday afternoon.


“Everybody started scattering, like running, so I tried to cover my face, then as I was turning around, the thing just hit my head,” Cressy said. “The stick, the wood put a lump on my head.”


The 34-year-old Harvey woman is six months pregnant.


“When it hit me, I kind of blanked out,” Cressy said. “It really took the wind out of me and I fell on my belly. As I regained consciousness, I was just worried about my baby.”


If the baby is a girl, Praline would be an excellent name and anecdotes would abound for many years to come.  All because of “enrichment activities.”  Enrichment, the word and highfalutin concept, is almost as pleasing to the the ears of the modern virtue signaler as “diversity.”


As they say, sometimes the humor and irony write themselves.


I’ll just put this here…let the guffaws flow.