Representative Cedric Richmond, beneficiary of affirmative action for cultural offense.


Amusing how subjectively-wielded the claws of social grievance and offense are teased out in today’s political climate.


Little did you know that you are completely “free” to make lewd, sexist jokes…and publicly, no less?


There is one caveat: the joke must be made at the expense of Donald Trump, or anyone in his inner circle. In such instances, you can make the crudest utterances and watch blissfully as pop culture (the MSM, Tweeting celebrities, etc) casts a blind eye and a mute tongue to said “offense.”


The photo of Kellyanne Conway kneeling on a Presidential couch earlier this week has made the internet rounds about 50 times over. In spite of all the caustic, desperate liberal inferences regarding Conway’s leisurely, homey pose, none went so far as to note the great unspoken white elephant observation that begs to be said when a woman is pictured on her knees. It’s too easy, too predictable, and eminently “off limits” in our prim and proper culture.


Or so we thought.





Democratic Representative from Louisiana, Cedric Richmond, couldn’t resist making that comment.




Cedric Richmond



The black Democrat said the joke during the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner. “Y’all seen that photo of Kellyanne on [the] couch? She looks familiar in that position,” Rep. Richmond said, according to Independent Journal Review writer Benny Johnson.



Benny Johnson predictably backpedaled in a subsequent Tweet after consulting with Rep. Richmond himself.







Uh-huh. Sure.


Gold’s Tweet in which she referred to Richmond’s joke refrained from specifics. Probably because the thought of repeating such locker room humor made her blush.







I can only imagine the uproar if the roles had been reversed with Democratic politicians and Republican offenders.


Let’s say a Republican Representative from Alabama had made the same comment about Huma Abedin in the aftermath of a bizarro universe where Hillary Clinton was President. In this context, such a joke would not be overlooked by the Paragons of Virtue. The victim of the joke in the hypothetical case belongs to the hallowed coterie of the Left, and such humor would be castigated and roundly shamed.


Cedric Richmond…ah, he did nothing wrong.


Kellyanne Conway has no cultural protections or bodyguards against this insult. The fact that Richmond is Black certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s like affirmative action for cultural offense: Cedric Richmond was untouchable for his “joke” on so many levels.