Suzanne Moore confuses the Era of Disorder for unconscious institutional racism.


Leave it to the Limeys to barge into the American cultural arena and “racialize” things, even construing and finagling mundane celebrity cranial mix-ups into some grand cautionary tale of human strife.


Suzanne Moore, in The Guardian, writes:



Mistakes however – when we slip up or misspeak – often reveal what is going on unconsciously. The awkwardness around all this is partly because the Oscar factory has faced much criticism over being too white. Now they’re “woke”. Or at least trying . Mahershala Ali deservedly won best support actor. Viola Davies won best supporting actress for the performance of a lifetime. No one can say this is tokenism. Asghar Farhadi won best foreign film but was not there as a protest against Trump’s ban on Iranians.


All these achievements should not be overshadowed by a stupid mistake, but they have been because mistakes somehow reveal a deeper truth which is that movies like Moonlight don’t win Oscars. Until they do. The dream factory extends its repertoire of dreams. A different America can see its own reflection. This was a night that belonged not to those who got the wrong envelope but those who pushed the envelope. A brilliant win, make no mistake.




Suzanne Moore




Now I do agree that we live in en emerging Era of Disorder, but it stems from the cultural phenomenon that allows people like Moore to whine about racism despite the vast over-representation of a specific racial group throughout modern American pop culture.  It is not, as Moore enigmatically proclaims, an oblique indicator of innate racism.


Maybe if we just allow more refugees into the United States, we might become acclimated to the insane globalist/Lefty perspective, and nonsense like Moore’s would actually make sense.