Jimmy Kimmel resorts to predictable Leftist tropes and “funny” is stillborn.


Jimmy Kimmel farcically “thanked” Donald Trump for some negligible try-hard pin-the-racist-on-the-President humor tonight.


Very little humor…most of these Liberal Hollywood types lack the ironic pragmatism and nihilistic despair to truly be funny (ie, Jimmy Kimmel). Instead, they resort to conformist ideals of “funny” that appeal to the descending Western slant of the IQ bell curve in order to squeeze out desperate “laughs.” Hollywood Liberals are quite adept at this comic drivel which is never funny to those of us who live on non-Democratic Earth.







Ah yes, Hollywood, land of the self-adulating hypocrite.


I work with these people. They are so disconnected from reality, it seems as if they live in a different dimension from the rest of us. They lack the sophistication, intelligence and nuance to comprehend the simple grown-up notion that nothing is really black or white, even the audience composition.


Especially that.